Premier America - Reigning

Your Ms. Premier America is Anika Hutchinson. She’s creative, kind, and is known for turning adversities into assets. That is what she hopes to inspire in others, especially youth.

Anika is a native of Indiana and has represented many pivotal Indiana institutions such as the Indy 500, Indiana State Fair and 4-H and Indiana University. As an Indiana University graduate, she’s passionate about education and encouraging youth.

She has overcome a lot of adversities in youth. She was severely bullied in high school. Their constant bullying affected her self-esteem and confidence. Especially since most of the criticism was about her looks. Once she attended Indiana University,, her life changed for the better. She was encouraged to enter her first pageant and won! She also gained the confidence to be very involved in campus life and different organizations.

After graduating, she auditioned for the Indianapolis Colts and made the team. That gave her even more motivation to continue to go after her dreams and aspirations.

Living in New York City was always a dream. She moved to the area and started her career there. She worked in the fashion industry and was very involved in that world. She even attended New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park. She also modeled both print and runway and was a featured dancer for MTV’s hip hop show, “Direct Effect”.

Even though NYC was a dream come true, she felt like she wanted to do more to help others. Youth was her calling since she had such a tumultuous high school experience. The opportunity arose to become an anti-bully advocate. Soon after, she was named Director for Bully-Police Indiana in a volunteer role. She was able to help parents and students throughout Indiana to navigate school systems with bullying complaints. She and other advocates also created events to raise awareness. In 2012, she and a handful of advocates wrote and lobbied for a new anti-bully law in the state. We spoke before the House, and later it was pushed through to the Senate. The law was passed in Spring of 2013.
She now works in the tech industry in Marketing and Customer Success. She also serves as Board of Directors for Indiana University, helping to improve student life.

She has come full circle with her pageant experience. As Ms. Premier America, Anika intends to use her title to continue to help youth live their best lives.